Providing cutting-edge industrial automation solutions.

Delivering high quality products and services since 2002.

About Us

Our undisputed experience will always be our edge to continuously grow.

Our Commitment

We are committed to provide top-grade and reliable products with consistent and dependable performance for numerous applications. We ensure that all products offered will suit every customer’s requirements and specifications.

Our Goals

At Zandex, we strive to consistently meet or even exceed our client’s expectations towards our products and services. In the coming years, we promise to continuously bring cost effective products and services with uncompromised quality.

Our Specialties


  • Ballscrews (ø3m to ø250mm)
  • COSMIC Actuators
  • Custom Machining; Shafts, Pins, Gears
  • Linear Bearings
  • LM Guides; STAR, INA, ABBA
  • Miniature Precision Bearings (NPB)
  • PANASONIC AC Servo Motors
  • SILVERTHIN Bearings
  • X / Y / Z / ø Tables / Rotary Tables
  • ZANDEX / SUPERSEN Gas Springs (Standard / Customise),
    Gas Springs - Connecting Parts & Brackets
  • ZANDEX Ceramic Ball Bearings